When we went into lockdown the thought of missing Saturday mornings at HuMs made me feel very sad. When online lessons were offered I jumped at the chance to continue with my brass lessons with Robin. I really feel that the give me something extra to look forward to every week and I enjoy them so much I signed up for online music theory lessons with Claire too. I want to thank both teachers for their patience and support over this difficult time. I can really recommend the lessons, so don't be shy give them a try.

~ Cathy ~

I cannot recommend Huntingdon Music School enough. My son took up guitar lessons in a school setting a couple of years ago. With the advent of C19 his lessons moved to weekly online zoom appointments. These have been fantastic and a real boost to his self esteem during these strange few months. His teacher is wonderful and tailors the lessons to my sons peculiar taste in music. Most importantly, they have great fun. My son has a great sense of accomplishment with his new found guitar playing skills and now has something that is his alone and something he is proud of.

~ Jo ~

With regard to online lessons, all I can say is that from my experience it’s really good. My lessons with Emily are most enjoyable both from what we are trying to achieve and her analysis and feedback. Not quite the same as meeting in three dimensions but close. I can really recommend it and I would encourage anybody to give it a go.

~ Dave ~

Feedback to John from my son re. guitar that "John rocks"?
He is finding it a bit harder than he thought it would be, but John's style very good for him and helps him.

~ A Mum ~

Zoe has a fantastic way of engaging and encouraging students and helping them achieve and progress while ensuring they continue to find music fun. My 8-year-old says, "Zoe makes it fun which means I want to play more". Zoe has lots of patience and is very adaptable in her approach and manner which helps to get the best out of each student and it has been a pleasure to see the progress the children have made. It is also encouraging to see that Zoe prioritises the 'stagecraft' aspect of performance even for the youngest children when performing in groups. This is a good habit for them to get into and makes sure they feel their performances are as 'proper' as those of the more advanced ensembles.

~ Eleanor from Godmanchester ~

Sam has just attended his last day at Huntingdonshire Music School after 10 years, he's off to University in September. We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!  He's enjoyed his Saturday mornings there very much indeed and really appreciated being left to go at his own pace and not feel under any pressure whatsoever to 'perform', which was exactly what he/we wanted (he almost abandoned learning the guitar altogether before he'd even got started!) We're so glad the music school realises that performing is not for everyone and some may just want to learn an instrument for the joy of it - a fact seriously overlooked by some music teachers/schools I can assure you.

~ Ann, Tony and Sam ~

Great teaching and a really fun atmosphere to learn in.

~ Louise ~


I highly recommend this to all my friends. If you're visiting this area, check them out! You might discover your hidden talents!

~ Shirley ~

We had the big band at our wedding and everyone loved them, highly recommended.
~ Ria ~

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