Introducing Tom


Tom Relihan

Tuition: Drums
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Tom Relihan (born Thomas Joseph Relihan, 27th May 1995), is an English drummer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Tom first started playing music at the age of 11, under the influence of Phil Collins from Genesis. Discovering the path to drumming, he dreamed of sitting behind a band, in a big theater and being what he calls "the engine" of the group. Being at the age that YouTube was created, other influences arose, from drummers like Steve Gadd, Danny Cummings, Steve Jordan, Buddy Rich, Chester Thompson and many more.

His parents realized Tom was far more than just your average school child who would usually go out with friends, play with a football or collect Pokemon cards. It was a daily routine for Tom to get home from school and start bashing on his home-made drum kit, made from pans and boxes. So before Tom's 13th birthday, his parents brought him a second hand, five piece drum kit. Tom would usually sit behind the drums for at least 8 hours a day. Jamming to CD collections ranging from prog rock to blues and r&b.

He also helped form a school band with a group of friends called the Bandits. They released a few records and played live at school shows and concerts. He also played in the school choir, the community band and school musicals like Saturday Night Live, We Will Rock You and countless others.

After leaving school, he studied music for three years at Peterborough Regional College. Through the college, Tom became founder of the funk, jazz, soul and jam night, Jam & Tunes; which took place twice a month at Peterborough's Key Theatre. It ran from October 2012 till May 2013.

Since leaving he has since become a full time professional drummer and has worked with numerous bands and artists from across the globe.

His most recognized work is playing for Chris King Robinson, as a member of the Chris King Robinson Band. They toured Europe in Summer 2014, followed by a UK tour in the winter and additional dates in Spring 2015. They then went on to do a huge tour in the USA followed by a Number 1 Selling blues EP titled Tell Me Why You're Scared.

In late 2015, Tom took time away from the band to devote his time to working on solo material. This includes writing the songs and lyrics, playing all the instruments and mixing and mastering the records. In 2016 he released his debut album XALO.

He straight away began work on his second solo album Beyond The Point. It was released worldwide in July 2017. The album includes the popular single Drive Away To The Sun.

Tom is now back with Chris King Robinson and they are working as a trio (ft. Chris King Robinson and Nig Turner). They are currently touring throughout Europe and are set to record their first commercial album in Summer 2018 with producer Jesse Davey in Los Angeles.

Tom is also an animal lover and vegan. He heavily supports the animal rights movement.

Tom is also a client of Sonor Drums. He currently plays a Birch, Sonor Force 2005 kit. He also uses Zildjian cymbals, Remo drum heads and Pro Mark drum sticks.

His recording equipment also includes Akai keyboards, Logic Pro X recording software, Westwood guitars and Yamaha mixing consoles.


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