Introducing Patrick


Patrick Dailly

Tuition: Piano & Horn
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Patrick’s first job after college was as a keyboard player in a string a Northern Soul bands in the north of England. After this he was employed in teaching music in one way or another ending up as Director of Music in the American School of Rotterdam, until his daughter was born in 2010 whereupon he became a full-time dad.

Most of Patrick’s compositions have been for stage works, and several have gone to Edinburgh (Miller and Me, Pleasance Theatre, 1989: Sex Dreams and Two Reelers, Buster Brown’s, 1991: Sweet Miracles, Gilded Balloon, 1999). His opera Solidarity, was performed in San Francisco in 2007, and his music theatre work The Casebook of Doctor Kraepelin won an award from Boston Metropolitan opera in 2008.

Patrick constantly alters, arranges, composes and fixes music for the various chamber initiatives he’s involved with.

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