Introducing Maddy


Madeline Duedal

Tuition: Trombone, trumpet, euphonium, ukulele and music theory
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Maddy first started learning music here in Huntingdon having violin, guitar and trombone lessons. Later she studied Ba Music at Plymouth University and a NOCN in community music before doing an MA Music Therapy at Anglia Ruskin.

Maddy’s first instrument is the trombone but she also teaches beginner and intermediate trumpet and euphonium, ukulele and music theory. In the past she has also taught beginner guitar and recorder.

She is an HCPC registered music therapist and work to support varied groups of people through this.

Maddy prefers to focus as much as possible on the process of learning and playing an instrument rather than the outcome because she thinks this is where the true value of music lies, however this may sometimes mean working hard towards achieving a goal such as performing a piece really well or passing an exam.

She loves to work with children because they have so much energy and enthusiasm but also enjoys working with all ages. She enjoys particularly working with beginner and intermediate students, helping them develop their own passion for music which can be in varied and creative ways.

Maddy plays bass trombone in the Hunts Phil and 1st trombone in a local swing band. She also plays the mbira dzavadzimu to relax. She has a busy household with three cheeky boys, lots of fun and lots of noise.

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