Introducing John


John Paelmagno


Tuition: Guitar (Electric/Acoustic/Classical/Rock/Bass)
Level: Beginner to Advanced

John Paelmagno has been teaching guitar since the year 2000. Growing up in a family of musicians, John was initially  influenced by his mom. Being a music school teacher and a church choir singer as well, music has always been a part of the household.

Back in his teens until early 20's, John has played with various bands that played different types of music genres. From acoustic, pop, rock, blues and jazz to fusion, with a bit of classical feel as well.This is where he gained enough experience as to what goes on in the guitar world, both performance and teaching wise.

John is also a member of the Registry of Guitar tutors (UK), and has gained a Degree in Teaching guitar under the London College of Music, in the year 2009. Thus, has earned the right to attach the title DipLCM (TD), next to his name. He welcomes all students, from beginner to advanced level.

More details about John's teaching:



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