Introducing Alan


Alan Crosthwaite

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Tuition: Directs Music School Big Band.
Level: Beginner to Advanced

My music life started when I joined the Ash Green school brass band in Exhall, Coventry at the age of 12. Although I didn’t have private lessons I leaned to play the trombone with the school band during break and lunch times under the tutorledge of the music teacher Albert Chappell. At 15 I auditioned for the National Youth Brass Band and went on to play with them in various concerts around the UK until I was 18 and no longer eligible. Also at 15 I started playing with the City of Coventry Brass band who were a championship section band. With the trombone section of the City of Coventry Band I competed and was successful in many quartet competitions around the UK and in 1971 won the national quartet championships.

I had quite a long sabbatical from playing trombone from 1973 to 2002 but never lost the passion for the sound of the trombone. In 2003 I joined the Huntingdonshire Music School in order to have the individual tuition that I never had as a boy, and by 2006 I had passed grade 5 trombone, grade 5 theory, grade 8 trombone and in 2008 grade 5 jazz trombone. I was encouraged to start playing with the HuMS music school big band when I joined the music school and became totally drawn in to big band music. In 2007 I was asked to run the music schools prep and intermediate concert bands and In October 2008 I took take over the running of the HuMS big band when Ellen Clarke decided to move to Northern Ireland.

I have also been MD for HuMS tours to Isle of Man and 3 visits to the Marburg folklore festival.

I now do most of my playing with the HuMS big band and the Newmarket based Galaxy Big Band and have dep’ed at various times for most of the big bands in the area, also local orchestras and concert bands as well as playing with the Spotlight theatre production band every year since it started at the PAC at Hinchingbrooke. I also play with a 7 piece band called ‘Swing that Thing’.

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