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Latest updates

Coronavirus and HuMS

Saturday 21st March 2020: Closed

Saturday 28th March 2020: Closed. End of term concert cancelled.

Please see more details below and do check for further updates before start of summer term 2020.

- Updated on: 17th March 2020 -

Dear Student

The board of trustees met in an emergency meeting on Saturday and have decided upon the following plan with regard to the running of HuMS during this very unsettling time. These decisions have not been made lightly but we felt that our students and staff need some clarity on what will happen with regard to HuMS. This is outlined below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will be meeting/ communicating again towards the end of the Easter holidays to make a plan for the summer term when we hope that things will be a little more settled and clear.

In the meantime please keep yourselves and your families safe and who knows there may be a lot of time to put in some practise in the coming weeks!

Kind regards
Rebecca and the HuMS team.

Saturday 21st March 2020

Following the changes in government recommendations for control of Coronavirus we have decided that we cannot run HuMS this saturday.
Rebecca is in contact with all tutors and we will try to set up video link lessons wherever possible to give students something to work on during this potentially long period of social distancing. She is working on it but this may take some time to organise so please be patient. Further details will follow.

Saturday 28th March 2020

We have taken he difficult decision to not run HuMS on this week. We felt that there is so much uncertainty within the country over what is going to happen that it would be best to have a definite decision. We are hoping that we can add an extra week onto the Summer term (proposed 18th July) but this will very much depend upon what the government puts in place and how long it all lasts.

Planned Concerts

Choral Spectacular 27th March 2020 - This event has been cancelled due to many of the participants being in the high risk category for Covid-19.

HuMS End of Term Concert 28th March 2020 - We have decided not to run this concert, we do not want to put members at risk and felt that if turnout was low it might be disappointing for others.

Primary Schools

While the schools are open and providing the tutors are able to go in we will continue to provide lessons in schools.
Rebecca has contacted all of our tutors and is looking at the possibility of offering lessons via video link if required.

Big Band

Big Band have decided to cancel all rehearsals and engagements until the end of this academic year.

Lets be positive!

We may be sad that HuMS cannot come together however we have seen in Italy how music can be used to combat social isolation very effectively.

Rebecca will be monitoring e-mails and social media throughout this time, so, if you are stuck at home and well, please send us your photos and videos (please let us know if you are happy for these to be shared on Social media) on how you are using music to keep yourself occupied over the coming weeks! Here is a photo for inspiration!

Emergency closure of HuMS - Procedure

It is looking increasingly likely that Coronavirus is going to affect our daily lives.
This is likely to have a knock on effect on the activities that HuMS provides.
We are a small organisation but we utilise school premises for all of our activities and schools may well have to close for a time.

We would therefore suggest that to ensure that nobody makes an unnecessary journey and that you follow the advice below.

Primary Schools
If your child's school is closed then lessons will not take place.

Saturday Morning Music School
Rebecca has a child attending Hinchingbrooke School so as a parent will receive notification of any closure.  Rebecca will contact Hinchingbrooke School as soon as possible and find out how this will affect HuMS. She will then put notifications on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and will send an e-mail out to all students as soon as possible.  We would therefore advise that you check before you travel to HuMS.

Social Media

Our social media pages can be found by clicking on the links at the top and bottom of the webpages, they are public pages and so should be viewable by anyone, you do not have to be a subscriber to view them.

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