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Bursaries for Young Students – Help With Tuition Fees

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Huntingdonshire Music School Association work to raise funding for bursaries for Music School students. We are fortunate in having a number of benefactors, including the Huntingdon Freemen’s Charity.

Each year we encourage students, and parents/guardians of students under 18, to apply for a bursary. This is usually the cost of one term’s tuition. However, we cannot guarantee that funds will always be available. Each application is treated in the strictest confidence and the details are only know to the Chairman and the Treasurer of the association, and the Director of the Music School. Application forms are available from the office and we advise students of the details for each year, via the internal music school Leger Lines newsletter.

Please note that some of these benefactors apply restrictions on access to a bursary, for example based on age or home address e.g. for Freemen’s bursaries. For students who do not fall within the access requirements we are also consider the availability of Association funds to provide bursaries.

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