HUMS Clarinettist Stuns Emperor Penguin

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HUMS Clarinettist Stuns Emperor Penguin

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Keith Stuns Penguin

Keith Stuns Penguin

I suppose it had to happen. Not content with playing in the bowels of the RRS Les Dawson, Keith decided to practice in front of a larger audience. Usually this is a good thing and we would advise any music student to practice in front of strange folks in order to build up confidence. Keith took this advice to heart but being unable to find any humans willing to endure instead decided that the local wildlife in Antarctica would do. I don’t think that the BAS have conducted any studies on the tolerance of the penguin to such noise but hope that it doesn’t affect fertility (penguins!). Those with a keen eye will notice that 1 penguin in the centre appears to have been stunned (or at least has found something better to do). 😉

It does remind of a Creature Comforts clip. I just wonder what the penguins are saying…!

As Keith himself says:-

I was on the afterdeck working when this lot turned up. They’ve been loitering around the ship (which is moored up at Brunt Ice Shelf at the moment) for a couple of days now, and I got Bruce to take this. As you will see, he’s enthusiastic about fill-in flash. These are Emperor Penguins (as if you didn’t know).

Nice scenery.

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